Sacrifice Blind faith, not Animals


Animal welfare groups in Nepal join the multi-faith rally to urge the government to ban religious animal sacrifice

Kathmandu (14 June 2019) - A rally of hundreds of people comprising multi-faith religious groups, members of Federation of Animal Welfare Nepal, students, teachers, Lawyers, and artists took to the streets of Kathmandu to launch the 'Stop Animal Sacrifice’ campaign organized by Federation of Animal Welfare Nepal. The campaign is seeking a ban on all forms of animal sacrifice in public and privates spaces throughout Nepal.

The killing of animals such as buffalo, goats, birds, and rats as sacrificial offerings exist across diverse religious, cultural, caste, ethnic and linguistic groups in Nepal. Despite being responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of animals every year, Nepal lacks a strong law to criminalize animal sacrifice.

We are urging the national, provincial and local governments of Nepal to formulate and endorse the country’s Animal Welfare Act ahead of the month-long Gadhimai festival in November, the world's largest animal sacrifice that takes place every five years.


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